This was an important job, for a special needs girl living in Sarnia. She has epilepsy and required some special features.

  • Shower half door
  • Ramp for wheelchair access
  • Numerous grab bars

For more information give Chris a call at (519) 918-4530 or send an email to

“We opened the phone book one day while looking for a contractor for a bathroom remodel…and choose to call Chris McCallum, of McCallum Home Renovations. It was just a gut feeling to be honest, nothing more. However after meeting with him it was clear to us that he would be the one we would work with.

We had scheduled three contractors to come in and take a look at what we were hoping for, and gave them each the same drawing of what we had envisioned for our bathroom. We also mentioned that we only had a budget of 13,000-14,000.

Out of the three contractors, Chris was the only one that said even though it was a totally customized bathroom, he could do it and keep it within our budget. One company told us it wasn’t possible to do what we wanted and that we should just stop trying to find someone to do it, and the other company representitive said that we were a little crazy to think that we could do this bathroom for under 25,000. They actually said that we were crazy.

Chris was on time for our first consultation, took down notes, and really tried to understand what it was we were looking for. He kept in touch throughout the entire project through email, phone and text…and not once did we come across an issue.

Now we weren’t just looking for a regular run of the mill bathroom remodel. We were looking for a special needs bathroom, complete with a custom half by-fold shower door, a small ramp up to the shower with no step, and grab bars everywhere. Also a seat that folds up onto the wall, and a moveable shower head. This bathroom was designed for our daughter. She suffers from several types of seizures, a muscle disorder as well as a brain disorder and a heart condition. When our daughter was born they gave her six months to live…so never did we ever expect to be fitting a shower for her to be able to shower herself at 18 years old. But here we are.

We told Chris that he could pick out the tile for the bathroom, as we were more concerned with the functional aspects rather then the look. The tiles that he picked out though were fantastic…in the shower he chose tiles that were non slip, (something we didn’t even think of) and the other tile choices were great too. He even asked our daughter what her favorite color was so he could try to incorporate it into the shower. The crew that came into our home, were pleasant, respectful, on time, and very clean. They rolled in drop clothes before they even stepped foot in our door, and they rolled those same drop clothes out as they left, leaving not one spec of dirt anywhere. They were amazing.

The bathroom now completed has added so much to our daughter’s life, being able to shower herself is something she only ever dreamed of. We can’t thank Chris enough for all the effort he put into making this bathroom so perfect for her. She is thrilled with it…and has told everyone about how awesome Chris is.

We will recommend the McCallum Home Renovation team to everyone, and we will be seeing them in the future, as we have a few more projects to have done. Can’t wait.”

The Moore FamilySarnia Ontario